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Ben Kitay 1Ben Kitay leads our Restaurant Practice. Just before joining Enliven, Ben was Global Vice President for Subway’s purchasing arm IPC. Subway is now the largest quick serve restaurant chain in the world. Over the last thirteen years, Ben negotiated most of Subway’s beverage deals with Coke, Pepsi, and other beverage suppliers in the U.S. and in many other countries where Subway operates, in the process establishing a new gold standard for achieving net savings with such deals.

Prior to that, he was a C-level operator at several national and international restaurant chains, including Cinnabon, Sarku Japan, GameWorks (Sega) and Crazy Crepes. Ben negotiated beverage deals for all of these restaurant chains.

And prior to that, he spent fifteen years in the fountain unit at Coca-Cola USA and Coca-Cola Japan, where he played a key role in designing and negotiating hundreds of Coke’s beverage deals with major restaurant chains from 1985 to 2000. During this time, he also negotiated Coke’s sponsorship and exclusive supply agreements with Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Osaka.

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So . . . no one knows more than Ben about what, exactly, a great restaurant beverage deal is. No one knows more about how to negotiate one, what such a deal should have, what’s possible, what’s preferred, what’s going to please (or frustrate) franchisees, what’s likely to go wrong if not managed properly.

Why not put Ben’s experience and expertise to work for you?

There’s no up-front cost.

Just sign our mutual confidentiality agreement, and give us a few data points, and within an hour or so, we will tell you if we think we can negotiate a better deal than what you have.

If we can, you’d be crazy not to hire us. Our only compensation will be a small percentage of the incremental value that we create for you.

It won’t be easy—for us. The process will be time-consuming—for us. We’ll have to do a lot of discovery. We’ll need to interview all your key internal stakeholders and fully understand your strategic priorities.

Most restaurant companies need to find cash to fund some pressing need, like new POS systems or in-store signage. We can usually generate that “found money” to pay for initiatives like this as part of the beverage deal.

As we do our work, rest assured that your current beverage partner will do everything possible to belittle, sabotage and undermine our work.

And it will take us many months to handle your entire RFP process with Coke,Pepsi, and other suppliers, to negotiate the best possible deal, analyze the final offers and help you choose the right partner. Once you do, we’ll then help you finalize the best possible contractual terms and conditions—like building in truly effective and measurable programs designed to increase beverage incidence.

After the new deal is done, we’ll project manage implementation and provide ongoing account service, franchisee support, detailed volume tracking and payment auditing for the entire term of the deal.

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We Don't Want Your Money

We want to dramatically increase how much money you make - or save - with respect to beverages. And
then we want to take a small percentage of that new money that we earned for you. That’s our
pay-for-performance model. It ensures that our incentives are aligned. It's why our clients
think of us as a true strategic business partner and not just a vendor.



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