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Enliven CEO and Hospital Practice Leader Tim Richardson, Restaurant Practice Leader Ben Kitay, and Aviation Practice Leader Martin Strobel are all potentially available to speak about exclusive pouring rights contracts at your next event.

Our standard speaking fee is $2,500, plus travel expenses. If the engagement requires an overnight stay, the speaking fee is $3,500, plus expenses. We will occasionally discount this fee, or waive it altogether, especially for non-profit or higher education events, as circumstances dictate.  

Event organizers can expect Enliven speakers to customize their remarks for each audiences’ specific needs. We will speak for 45-60 minutes and will be available for another 60-90 minutes for Q&A and/or informal socializing with audience members.

If you are interested in having an Enliven executive speak at your event, please fill in the brief form below:




We Don't Want Your Money

We want to dramatically increase how much money you make - or save - with respect to beverages. And
then we want to take a small percentage of that new money that we earned for you. That’s our
pay-for-performance model. It ensures that our incentives are aligned. It's why our clients
think of us as a true strategic business partner and not just a vendor.



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