Tim fishing 324XTim Richardson, Founder and CEO     icon linkedin

When not working, Tim would rather be listening to Krista Tippett, or reading The Economist, or watching soccer, or fishing, or spending time here or here.

Tim started out wanting to be an English professor. He got his Master’s at UGA and damn near finished his PhD in English at Vandy. But life had other plans for him, as so often happens, and Tim decided to figure out how to become a business guy instead. He was lucky to find some good mentors, and good opportunities. One thing led to another. School tuitions and mortgages got paid. Along the way, a funny thing happened. He discovered that he was pretty good at this business thing, and that he liked it. If plied with enough good bourbon, he might try to convince you of his opinion that Walt Whitman and James Dickey should be required reading for all business majors and budding entrepreneurs in college today.

Tim is eager to connect with business people who are straightforward, fair-minded and committed to making a positive difference in the world. Sound like you?


Tim Harms, Managing Director     icon linkedinTim Harms 1428431590

When not working, Tim would rather be making his own beer, or working on the house, or starting a new church, or listening to this, or visiting here or here. His wife would rather that he spend more time focused on this. But, hey, no one’s perfect.

Tim is that guy you know who excelled at school and got a great job and excelled at that for three years and got married early and excelled at that and then surprised you by leaping off the sure-thing partner track at a major global firm to take a leadership role in a small company. Don’t know a guy like that? Now you do.

He will get all of the work done, as promised. He will do it with ease and grace. And at a high level. We suggest that you give Tim crap so that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. That’s what we do.


Chicago 2

Heather Neisen, Director of Account Services     icon linkedin

When not working, Heather likes to help her husband memorize Hamilton rap battle and dance with her sweet daughter. She has run this full marathon and this one, too. She is currently training for this half-marathon. Heather swears by this guy’s training plans.

She was born in the North, grew up in the South, but is a Midwesterner at heart (Rockchalk!) Heather began her career in higher education, then pivoted to the business world and dove deep into human resources and administration functions of business. Relationships are central to every role she has taken on, and here at Enliven, she’s the one who makes sure your experience working with us exceeds your expectations.

Heather is caring and energetic and believes in earning your respect through hard work and staying true to her word. She also deserves an honorary degree in Googling. She believes that if you know the end goal, there are limitless resources to tap into to achieve success. All that said, she’s still not quite sure how or why her dog manages to have an instagram account.


Ben KitayBen Kitay, Restaurant Practice Leader     icon linkedin

When not working, Ben would rather be watching or talking about the Atlanta Braves, or discovering more about extraterrestrial life, or listening to this or visiting here or here.

Ben is one of those rare guys that some of us occasionally get to meet whose global reputation for expertise in a particular business niche precedes him. But when you actually meet Ben face-to-face, you are most struck by how disarmingly modest and charming he is, how humble, likable and interesting for all his surprising passions and musical talents. That is, unless, of course, you are a Coke or Pepsi executive trying to keep or win new exclusive business with a large restaurant chain. If that's who you are, you probably think Ben is more akin to Rivera or Kasparov.

Life’s short. How many times do you really get to work with someone like Ben, backed up by a team and a track record of success like we have at Enliven? Do yourself a favor. Give us a call.


Martin Strobel, Aviation Practice Leader     icon linkedin Martin Strobel TeamJPG

When not working, Martin would rather be hosting a movie-in-the-park party with his wife and three little girls and boy, or attending a Predators game, or listening to this, or hiking here or visiting here.

You don’t know Martin yet, but, when you do, he’ll be the primary guy you describe as “having a mischievous grin.” If you ever have the occasion to use the word “puckish,” Martin will be the new guy that comes to mind when you do. In the same way that Mark Twain did back in his day, or that Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell do now, Martin always impresses with both his prescience and his wit, and with his wisdom and counsel. This is especially true when the stakes are high, and even more so when, after hours, cigars and spirits are involved.
Finally, if you have a few hours to kill, ask him about his foster kids. You’ll get an earful about them and the system that serves them ... if you think a doing a beverage deal is complex, try advocating for foster kids. He does both really well.


Jan Jansen

Jan Jansen, Senior Vice President, Europe     icon linkedin

When not working, Jan is most likely outside, enjoying nature. He likes speed skating and he trained for the Winter Olympics. As a young man, not knowing what to do after his Master’s at Amsterdam University, he decided to ride his bicycle for a year across the USA and Mexico. He visited every national park possible.  

Jan really enjoyed his biking adventure, so he decided to make travel his business. He got a job with KLM that took him to the far ends of the world and exposed him to many fascinating and challenging situations. While at KLM, in the company’s helicopter division, he helped out with the UN mission in former Yugoslavia.

Being Dutch, Jan speaks many languages and certainly yours when it comes to business. But, when it comes to private life, he frequently claims not to understand his French wife’s “honey do” list. He is always up for a challenge in sports or business and loves practical jokes. He likes visiting here and here. He is a private pilot and enjoys flying here.

Jan is eager to meet people from different cultures.


BrianBrian Bergeron, Account Executive     icon linkedin

When not working, Brian would rather be playing with his kids Caroline, Piper and Tripp, or working out, or listening to this, or watching this or visiting here or here.

Brian is the real deal fitness and nutrition guy that you may have heard about, or, if you’re like us, that you may have as a work colleague or friend or family member. He’s the fit, handsome guy who is obviously into both cardio and weight training. He’s the nutrition and exercise science major who looks way younger than 32, who works full time at a very demanding job (this one), who helps his wife raise three young kids and who still finds the time to work out four times a week. When it comes to health and wellness, he is high on this program in particular.

Whew. That’s a lot. But, best of all, Brian is always smiling, always positive, always nice, always ready to solve the problem at hand, to pitch in, to get the job done. Our clients love that about Brian. So do we.


adamAdam Savitz, Financial and Data Analyst 

When not working, Adam would rather be playing ping pong or chess, or attending this or this

All of our clients benefit from Adam’s obsession with data, eagerness to master every kind of analytical modeling known to man and impeccable attention to detail. If you have always wondered what people mean when they describe someone as a “true excel guru,” just spend more time with Adam.

Full disclosure: we think Adam might be a secret agent of some kind. He’s super nice, very smart and very normal-seeming. But his binge shows of choice (this and this) and the occasional eyebrow-raising observation he makes during casual conversations reveal a counter-cultural bent and a comfort level with danger that don’t quite mesh with his clean-cut image.

Adam was born in Wyoming but grew up in Brentwood, TN. He earned his bachelor’s in accounting and MBA in finance from Belmont University. He claims no knowledge of martial arts, but neither does this guy



Monica Harris, Account Executive

When not working, Monica would rather be spending time with her husband and puppy, or relaxing here, exploring here, working out here, or watching here.

Monica has always added an artistic flair to everything she does. When she was young, she loved keeping her hands busy (summer art camps, private drawing and painting lessons, pottery classes, and learning to sew from her mother). After earning her bachelor’s degree in Design Communications, she pursued the start-up of a women’s clothing line. She quickly realized that she loved the interaction with clients and the importance of building relationships. When her business partner headed to NYC, Monica shifted gears to explore graphic design and branding. Although you can see some of her work on buildings or printed materials around Nashville, she wanted her main focus to be on client relationships.

Monica Is organized, detailed oriented, and ready to get any task done. She believes that every job should be done effectively and thoroughly. Building and maintaining relationships is key to her role. You’ll get to experience the creative energy she brings to the job.

Kim 324xKim Killen, Financial Manager    icon linkedin 

When not working, Kim would rather be doing anything with her granddaughter Mia, or boating with friends on Old Hickory Lake, or spinning at the gym, or attempting to master her new fitness class, or spending time here.

Kim supports our clients in a hundred different ways, but, mostly, she makes sure that whatever funds are supposed to flow into our clients actually flows into them. This is no small task when dealing with the complicated contractual terms, schedules and rebate formulas that make up most of the partnerships that we help establish, manage and audit for our hospital clients.

If you appreciate it when serious matters having to do with money are handled in a clear and precise way, you’ll really appreciate Kim.



We Don't Want Your Money

We want to dramatically increase how much money you make - or save - with respect to beverages. And
then we want to take a small percentage of that new money that we earned for you. That’s our
pay-for-performance model. It ensures that our incentives are aligned. It's why our clients
think of us as a true strategic business partner and not just a vendor.



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